How To Launch Your Own Brand On Instagram

1. Define your objectives

First and foremost. This must be the core of your project: what you’re after, your distinct purpose, and your reason to be. Once your objectives are defined, you can then build your entire strategy based on supporting them.

2. Know your audience

Remember this:

“If you’re talking to all customers, you’re talking to no customers.”

You need to study demographic, behavioural, and psychographic information to know exactly who your audience is. You can obtain that information by going to your Instagram Insights — Your Audience — See All. You can select a 7-day or a 30-day time period. It’s also worth creating friendly surveys in your stories using the tag “Ask Questions” to obtain extra information. Having that extra knowledge will enable you to build content that will resonate with them and repel those who aren’t a fit for your brand.

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3. Build a strategy and tell your story

Having defined objectives isn’t enough. You need to determine what your brand stands for — think core values, tone of voice, etc. A good way to go about it is to think of your brand as a person with a distinct personality. Establish what sets you apart, how you can solve your customer’s problem, why what you’re offering is better, and then make sure you communicate consistently throughout every single bit of content you share. A well-rooted strategy will enable you to clearly articulate your brand, and as a result, carve out a distinguishable place in the market.

4. Know your competitors

Know what you’re up against. Look up like-minded brands on Instagram, check out their content strategy, their keywords, hashtags, their visual identity, what works for them, and what doesn’t. Use what you learn as an inspiration to build your own thing, but never, ever, imitate what they do. Your aim here is to define how you’ll differentiate yourself and create added value for your market.

5. Create a powerful profile

Instagram is one of the most aesthetically pleasing platforms on the web, so creating a highly optimised profile is crucial. A brand whose visuals are thoughtfully put together, consistent, and pleasing is off to a very good start.

Photo: Unsplash

6. Take advantage of the power of influencers

A wonderful strategy — by far the fastest way to up your ranking — is to collaborate with (the right) influencers. They have an incredibly strong bond with their loyal and dedicated followers, who highly regard their opinions and recommendations. Collaborating with the right influencers can give your page instant credibility, strengthen your brand’s reputation, help generate more leads, and consequently increase conversions.

7. Do giveaway contests

Giveaways generate a big increase in visibility and a high return on investment. For just the cost of one of your products, a gift card, or a coupon, you can get a lot of exposure. Make it fun, and orientate the contest depending on what you’re after. For example, you’re a clothing brand and you’re after more content? Ask your followers to post a photo of them wearing one of your products and the best one wins a coupon to buy more clothing on your website. Make sure they follow you, share the post with friends, and/or put it up in their story to qualify for the contest.

8. Be ready before you even start

It’s important to have a ready-to-execute IG marketing strategy before you even start. You need to plan out your posts, decide on the frequency, the layout, the variety of content. It’s important to have enough content to last a few weeks before starting off to keep regular postings and ensure a better engagement with your customers. Once your page is live, you have to look after it like a puppy — feeding it daily, taking care of it, and giving it all your love and attention.

9. Consider seeking external help

Yes, it’s your baby, and you want to be in charge, that’s fair. Maybe you think you can handle it alone, or maybe you hadn’t allocated a budget for social media management. However, your business will grow to a point where you no longer have the time to manage your social media platforms. We highly recommend you collaborating with social media experts to help develop your strategy, execute and monitor it. By letting experts work on this platform, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy to focus on other parts of your business.



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