How To Launch Your Own Brand On Instagram

Over a billion people use Instagram every month — that’s a whopping 1 in 8 eight people on the planet (!) What started as a simple photo-posting app over 10 years ago has grown into a great source of income for creators and an ideal sales channel and marketing tool for businesses.

So, considering its colossal popularity, is it actually possible to cut through the noise and find success when launching a new brand on the platform? The answer is yes, but it requires time, work, and dedication.

Here are our top tips to make it work:

1. Define your objectives

Tip: Create an excel spreadsheet in which you write down your short-term, mid-term and long-term targets.

2. Know your audience

“If you’re talking to all customers, you’re talking to no customers.”

You need to study demographic, behavioural, and psychographic information to know exactly who your audience is. You can obtain that information by going to your Instagram Insights — Your Audience — See All. You can select a 7-day or a 30-day time period. It’s also worth creating friendly surveys in your stories using the tag “Ask Questions” to obtain extra information. Having that extra knowledge will enable you to build content that will resonate with them and repel those who aren’t a fit for your brand.

Photo: Unsplash

3. Build a strategy and tell your story

4. Know your competitors

5. Create a powerful profile

Make sure you only post high-resolution pictures, that not only show off the products but also tell a story. Ensure you pick a coherent colour palette and stick to it; if you have Lightroom, and master photo editing, then you can create your own presets. If not, there are many sites you can buy already made presets. That’s an easy way to ensure consistency and a harmonious, visually satisfying feed.

Think of using the carousel format to share more photos without disrupting your carefully curated feed. This will enable potential customers to browse through as if it was a catalogue. You can share close-ups, before & afters, testimonials, demonstrations, videos, etc. allowing you to showcase your product in its full glory. Doing this also keeps users engaged longer.

Don’t skip any details when building up your profile — profile picture, description, keywords, hashtags, links — everything is important. To create an extra level of engagement and community, you can ask your followers to tag #yourbrandname when posting shots of your products.

Research your hashtags: try and use long-tail hashtags to promote your brand. The narrower and more targeted they are, the higher are your chances to end up on the first page of search, therefore, leading to more sales.

Photo: Unsplash

6. Take advantage of the power of influencers

7. Do giveaway contests

8. Be ready before you even start

I always use the Preview app. It’s free and easy to use: you just drag and drop your photos until your feed looks great and can write up your captions in advance!

9. Consider seeking external help

Implementing these important steps should help ensure success on the social network, but it doesn’t end here. As soon as you get your first results and feedback, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to manage and optimise your strategy.



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